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Why You Need a Marketing Coach

So, what is a “Marketing Coaching”?
Marketing Coaches are quite different than traditional business consultants. Instead
of getting paid for billable hours or project work like consultants, as a marketing
coach we get paid for the value we deliver to our clients. We provide business
owners with AWARENESS, EDUCATION, and ACCOUNTABILITY through weekly
coaching sessions to help them implement our proven marketing strategies.

As a Business Partner Marketing Coach we help business owners identify the dangers they face though our unique strategic planning process and then, through weekly coaching sessions, we empower them with the awareness, education, and
accountability required to achieve the results they're looking for in their business.

In any business there are only two departments that create revenue. MARKETING
and SALES. All other activities contribute only to expenses. A recent survey showed
that 87% of executives believe marketing & sales are the most pivotal in terms of
accelerating growth for a company.

As a proud member of the “ Franchise Source Brands International ” family of
coaching brands - we are the undisputed leader in the business coaching industry
with a commanding 33% of market share in North America!

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